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GoPhish at scale

In my previous life as a billable cybersec consultant / technical lead, I was looking for a way to deliver phishing tests across our customers in a consistent and repeatable manner. Many options existed such as those supplied by KnowBe4, Defender for M365, Trend - but we couldn’t warrant the cost burden of those solutions until we’d proven the value of the service. I set about finding a way to do this “on the cheap”.…
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AD Group scoping in Jamf for macOS

Scoping Jamf policies for AD groups is a breeze when your users are logging in with AD credentials. But what if you’re O365/AAD only? The Jamf agent won’t recognize an AAD logon unless you’re using Jamf Connect. Sure, it’s unusual to have one without the other, but I have a solution here if you’re running lean. In a rush? Find the script here. Create a new standard user in Jamf for the script to access the API, granting it Auditor privileges.…
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OneDrive Folder Redirection (KFM) for macOS

So you’re running a macOS shop, and using Office 365 for identity, email, and data storage. You want to decrease risk of data loss, manage the security of corporate data, and provide staff the ability to share files in a controlled manner. You also want to make it super easy for staff to adopt. OSS to the rescue! Microsoft OneDrive has a super great feature (for Windows) called Known Folder Move.…
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