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Migrating a View VM between hosts fails at 63%

I had a strange issue come up when trying to vMotion some VMs in our View cluster.

When attempting a vMotion of our Windows 7 VMs, the vMotion would stop at around 63% and spit out the error “Source detected that destination failed to resume”

In the target VM’s vmware.log file I saw the following:

2013-05-16T03:58:16.591Z| vmx| MsgQuestion: msg.svga.checkpoint.gpufeaturecheck.fail3 reply=0
2013-05-16T03:58:16.591Z| vmx| Progress 101% (none)
2013-05-16T03:58:16.591Z| vmx| MigrateSetStateFinished: type=2 new state=11
2013-05-16T03:58:16.591Z| vmx| MigrateSetState: Transitioning from state 10 to 11.
2013-05-16T03:58:16.591Z| vmx| Migrate_SetFailure: Failed to resume on destination.

In this case, the problem occurred due to 3D support being enabled directly on the VM through vSphere, rather than using the pool options on the View Connection Server. Note that while the VM is powered on, VM settings will not show that 3D is enabled – you can only test that this is the case by viewing the VMX or viewing the VM settings when it is powered off.

I solved this problem by changing the pool options to enable 3D and I then waited for View Composer to update the VMs, I didn’t even have to power down the VMs. After View Composer does it’s thing, the VMs will vMotion without a hitch.


  • ESXi 5.0
  • View Agent 5.1
  • View Connection Server 5.2
  • VM Hardware Version 8
  • Windows 7 guest OS

Hope this helps!