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Torrent-X on Windows XBMC (Atlantis)

Torrent-X is a plugin for XBMC that allows you to scan through well-known RSS torrent feeds from sites like Mininova, EZTV, etc… and pipes the torrents you choose through to your torrent client of choice via (usually) it’s web interface. Problem is, it doesn’t work OOTB with the Windows version of XBMC. Here’s how to fix it.

  1. Edit the shortcut to XBMC and remove the ‘-p’ from the command. This will make XBMC save user data into the installation folder, and make it accessible to scripts via the internal Q: drive. This solves the issues the script has with opening the guisettings.xml file.
  2. Edit the file for Torrent-X and change line 1127 as follows.
    Change it from:
    MyDisplay = GUI( "skin.xml", ResPath , "Default" )
    MyDisplay = GUI( "skin.xml", os.getcwd() , "Default" )

You should then be able to open the script from within XBMC.

– NM

PS: I’ll be posting soon on the subject of my recent trip to Singapore, specifically, what a geek can do in Singapore. I’ll also be posting on how to make a cheap, feature-packed media box.