Version History from Sharepoint into Documents – Update

I have finally created a CodePlex project for the feature I created that will update document properties with version history (for adding into documents via fields).

You can get to the project via this link:

If you think you can help me with finding a better way of doing this, let me know and join the project.

– NM

Nathan Manzi

I'm a geek, a husband, and a dad. I get excited when the word 'virtualization' is mentioned, and I spend most of my time working in that space. I also like to play computer games when I'm not playing with my kids, running, lifting heavy things, or studying.

  • Lachlan

    Hi Nathan,

    This is a great feature that we really need here. I couldn’t find where to get the download and install instructions. Are they on CodePlex yet or somewhere else?

    Thanks for your efforts!


  • Jonas

    Hi Nathan,

    I have developed something similar – wanted to check out how you did it, but there’s no download link on CodePlex…


  • The source is available on Codeplex.

    Download the initial code set here:

    – NM

  • faheem

    Hello there,

    Thanks for this, just what i am looking for, is there any further work taking place on this project and a final release planned?


  • I am seeking another corporation, or two, that is interested in dividing the development burden costs to have a SharePoint web part created to display and print the current SharePoint Library document version number.

    I already have a quote just looking to share the burdern…. any interests please reply with a comment on


  • I have two options that I am entertaining

    Option 1: creates a mirror document library and converts all document to .pdf during conversion\migration to mirror library. Looking for web part to add doc version to .pdf process

    Option 2: Adds document version to a Sharepoint doc library for MS office apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio